A Love Letter to the Ocean

I call myself a lover of words but when I think about writing a love letter to you, I don't know where to begin. It's been days and this page has remained empty. I tried to write a poem but it didn't feel enough and true.
I don't understand, I am nervous.
If I think about writing about your beauty, where should I start? Should I write about the grace you surround the setting and the rising of the sun? I want to say your grandeur and gentleness are beyond comprehension but even these big words sounded small. You are huge and yet you flow with so much ease that you become unfathomable. So where should I begin?
If I think about writing about your love, where should I start? You are the giver of "beach days", your saltwater heals, you are a great provider of inspiration, adventure, and poetry. Or should I just fill this paragraph with how your waves carried me to a balance I never thought I needed? But even so, would this be enough to the vastness of the kind of love you possess and freely give?
If I think about writing about your divinity, should I write a book of all the stories of people you've healed? or should I just write all about the stories of people leaving their old lives to be closer to you?
If I think about writing about your lessons, should I write about humility? or should I write about your righteous rage? You are ever-changing, wild, angry, persistent, yet silent at the same time. Even if I’ll tell you that you’re the greatest teacher I have, it still doesn’t sound enough.
Oh Ocean, it will take a lifetime to write a love letter to you.
Model: Danika Nemis
Photos by: Camille Robiou Du Pont
Words by: Jillian Bacarisas

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