Alon! the upcoming Benilde exhibit features surfers from six surfing camps located north to south of the country
holding in their hands the scourge of our beaches, rivers, and oceans - plastic.
Distributed everywhere as product packaging, it is non-biodegradable, kills fish and marine animals, and chokes and pollutes our waters,
all in the name of convenience.
We have to acknowledge our addiction and dependence on plastic for only then as consumers can we take action and commit to less plastics in our life.

40% of the plastic trash in the world are from SUPs - single use plastics, the packaging of products we use for seconds and discard, remaining in the environment for hundreds of years.
It is a staggering and shocking fact yet the multinationals keep producing them and even plan to increase production in the next few years.
We have to admit that we see plastic trash everywhere yet have remained indifferent.
It is time to act, refuse products packaged in plastic and say no to SUPs, a conscious shift from consumer habits foisted on us by big business. This change demands sacrifice but by refusing their products we will send the message across, we choose Planet over Plastic!

The Center for Campus Art presents “Alon!” the exhibit and “ALON,” the documentary. The exhibit, curated by Ar Gerry Torres
features six Philippine surf camps,
facts about the plastic problem and proposed solutions.
The film, directed by Gabby Fernandez features interviews with surfers and tackles the problem from their perspective.
Both projects asks: Why is the Philippines the third biggest plastic polluter country in the world?

'Alon!’ the exhibit opens August 29, 2019
at the 12th Floor Gallery of the
School of Design and Arts Building,
De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.
The exhibit runs from August 20 - Dec 14, 2019
and is open free to the public.

Photography: Luis Manere
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