The Evolution of Aguariva

It all started with a dream.

To be able to empower women to treat life  as one big adventure.

To be able to connect with nature, live actively, 

creatively and comfortably in our own bodies and skin,

despite some unrealistic standards of modern times.

Simple. Feminine. Functional. Aguariva was brought into life in 2016. 





Moving into more original, tropical and earth inspired dyes and patterns. 

Colors ranging from black to bright, versatile items that can be worn from island to city.

Receiving feedback from women of all walks of life, growing and glowing more into our own identity. Receiving much love and appreciation for this beautiful earth we live in. 

Freedom. Expression. Embracing Change. 

Aguariva’s 2nd year brought about the need to evolve.




“Love her, but leave her wild.”

We go deeper into the wild by inspiring  women to embrace the wild feminine inside.


Surf suits that are both minimal and trippy, stylish yet secure.

Acid Sunshine prints and patterns mimicking the earth, sky and sea.

Collaborating with talented people we’ve met along the way.

The right balance between psychedelic patterns and minimal cuts.

Made for the wild ones.


Say hello to Aguariva 2.0





For those who crave change but are hesitant to take risks, we ask you to grow with the flow.

For those who want to unleash their wild feminine side, we ask you to embrace your imperfections.

To those who dare to take risks, take a leap of faith.

To those who desire to be themselves, we ask that you shower yourself with love and let the truth set you free.


We promise to continue growing, trusting and creating memories and adventures to last a lifetime.


With love,

The girls of Aguariva


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