For Every Beautiful Thing Will Happen In Its Time

For Every Beautiful Thing Will Happen In Its Time

Summer Puertollano

 “Don’t quit your daydream.”
Is a phrase that is alive in my heart, until today.
I learned to really chase that at the age of 24.
At 24 I booked a one-way ticket to the island of my dreams.
I wanted to live by the sea.
Because I want to surf everyday. Because I want a simple life. Because I want to be happy.


Moving to an island did not go as smoothly as I wished for it to be.
I didn’t really have a solid plan, I just went.
I moved the things that I thought would make living on an island feel like home.
I brought my favorite books, letters, photographs, and my favorite blanket.
But even with these things, I wasn’t able to move fully to the island and call it home.
I ended up travelling around the Philippines in between, and staying in other islands for months.
This went on for 2 years.
I made a lot of good memories during those years, but something in me was never really sure about that life.


At 26, I decided that I needed to work on not quitting on my daydream.
So even if I didn’t have that many funds to sustain myself in a developing island. I moved back.
If wanted it bad enough then I will find ways to make it work.
I’ve been living here for a whole year now.
And I find myself slowing doing the things I’ve always wanted to but was always somewhat shy about.
I’m back to doing a bit of photography and creating things,
while still being able to do coffee, and other fun projects.
I find that it helps to go back to the child inside and ask that kid if she/he is happy.


It’s quite funny how it works. Not all things happen according to plan or to timeline.
But manifesting and working towards the dream takes you one step closer everyday.
There are days that I wake up and sit on my little porch and think about the life I decided to live.
I can say that I am happy.


We can dream, schedule, make a timeline, and plan out our lives.
But these things will only really reveal themselves in their time.
So don’t quit your daydream.
Photographs by @willgoodan










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congrats, you are on the right track of keeping happy your life. good luck. God bless.

mario o. martinez

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