I hope this year, you will choose yourself

I hope this year, you will choose yourself

Before you reach out to someone you heal,

I hope you taste your own love medicine first.

Before you open your heart in radiating love,

I hope you overflow with your own devotion first.

Before you desire flowers for admiration,

I hope there are already flowers blooming on the altar of your heart.


Before you embrace someone else’s darkness,

I hope your arms are wide open to accepting your weaknesses and defeat.

Before you see the good in this world,

I hope your eyes are open to see your divinity.




I hope this year, you choose courage.

To finally go back home to where there’s peace, joy, and abundance.

I hope you walk your truest self. 

I hope that when you need you, there’s always you.

I hope you choose self-honesty,



And self-loyalty - that no matter what happens,

In spite of mistakes and bad decisions, you will be there for yourself no matter what.

I hope this year, you get to experience first all the love that you can give.




Words: Jillian Bacarisas

Muse: MirJam

Photos: Bren Lopez

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