Maybe Its Simple

Maybe Its Simple

Maybe it’s simple.
Maybe what we should be chasing is the healing of ourselves.
Maybe we are here to do the simple and ordinary little things, so we will cease to chase after over-extraction of resources, materiality, and greed.
Maybe we’re here to grow our own food, so we save hectares of the forest turned into huge plantations.
Maybe our wellness is personal; maybe we are here to create our own oils, to tie our own smudge sticks, to mine our own crystals, and to grow our own flowers for aromatherapy, so we stop massively producing and overly commercializing essential oils, sage, and crystals.
Maybe we are not meant to share our gifts to everyone but to enjoy it ourselves and intimately to the people around us.
Maybe we are simply here;
to make our own medicine
to be the alchemist of our own cure
to be self-sufficient
to understand our wrongness so we can flow to what is right
to trust our hearts to lead the way
to be kind
to understand ourselves so we can understand and accept the people in our lives that matters.
Maybe we are not here to be knowledgeable, to be intelligent, to be the best, but to be curious, to wonder, to listen, and appreciate more the bewilderment and the suffering.
Maybe our ancestors weren’t able to preserve our identities from colonization and wars because we’re here to make our own identity; rooted from ourselves that we've loved, cultivated, and we took care of.
Maybe the books of our great-great-grandparents were burned because we’re here to make new ones.
Maybe we are not meant to go back to the roots, but to center our energy to bearing more fruits that nourish the next generation, and to only hold on to the roots for wisdom and nourishment.
Maybe it’s simple if we practice unlearning what we have learned already, and to exist every day knowing nothing, so we can make room for our ever-evolving selves to unfold.
Maybe we are not here to take up so much space in this world, or to make a mark, or to leave a legacy, to be “super”, but to make space inside of ourselves, to be inside our own bodies, listening, and feeling so we can stop the performance and be present instead.
Maybe the help that we want to give to others is the help we’ve been longing to receive.
Maybe, after all, we are not the center of the universe, or no one is a very important influential person but all of us are specks of dust capable of being loving and being graceful of our compassion and authenticity.
Maybe we are here to just carry ourselves,
To trust in our own personal experiences,
To be models of who we really are,
To make the small things work,
To be enough,
So we will stop misusing this Earth, which was never ours to use, to begin with.
Model: Dannah Galindez
Words: Jillian Bacarisas
Flowers: @angalaala
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