The Love That Always Gives Back

The Love That Always Gives Back

Our brand has been blessed with overwhelming support and love from the women that believed in what we stand for since we started.

We are not filthy rich but we do feel blessed to have everything we need and more. We wake up and have food on the table, a roof over our heads and are complete with everything to get us through the day without having to worry too much about it.

And we feel that if you too, are lucky enough to wake up this way, with all you need, it can only mean one thing: you are capable of sharing.

During this season of love, we extended help to those who have less, as a way of celebrating the undervalued love we get from giving - and out from the experience, we felt the kind of love that we get when other people are grateful of our actions. The kind of love that always gives back. It's another magic which love can give; it enhances well-being. It breaks apart the idea that we lose something when we give, because we don't. By giving away in any form, we move ourselves in flourishing.

Our team together with Crystal Beach and Dr. Aoki and her fellow doctors went all the way to San Felipe, Zambales to share and realize a dental mission last January 11, 2020.

We were inspired by the active community service and feeding programs of Crystal Beach to Zambales so we decided to do the outreach there. We saw the need of a dental mission because of the lack of free dental check-ups/services in the community, and awareness. We had the opportunity to donate eco-friendly oral hygiene kits that include bamboo toothbrushes and dental floss. We also had a round of dental check-ups done by Dr. Aoki and fellow doctors.








We also shared meals and we played games with cool prizes with the kids. The response of joy, thanksgiving, and the big smiles the community showed us what makes the experience more of a benefit to us. Indeed giving is receiving. 

Before the mission, we also reached out to people who are willing to help us realize the event. We were surprised of the number of friends; people who volunteered to participate, and the organizations who donated to the cause.

Our hearts are grateful because of how our genuine intention to help, grew into a successful mission that made a typical beach trip into a more gratifying one.

We look forward to do more of this, to grow this kind of love, and pass it around.




Photos: Trina Rivilla, Sach Aoki, Louie Nocum

Words: Jillian Bacarisas

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