All of her will follow all of who she is

All of her will follow all of who she is

Sometimes she’s given a choice of following herself or the people she loves the most.

Sometimes, who she is, is not exactly what others want. She has mastered obedience and pleasing other people before herself.

Sometimes, she gladly follows a path that does not lead to her true calling because she’s used to the empty gratification.

She became conditioned to be content with sacrificing and compromising her dreams so she can make others happy.

Its noones fault, really. It sprung from the love in her heart and she always did her best to keep up with what was expected of her.



She settled with the make-shift relief she gets from fulfilling it. She became a version of herself based on what is best for others.

But somehow along the abiding, and the walking on this path she took, she eventually longed to feel the real contentment of following her own intentions.

She understood her capacity to follow her heart and intuition.

Along side the burying of who she is, a realization came to her senses to remind her that she has the responsibility and privilege of blooming into her true self regardless of what it compromises.



She finally understood that who she is will always come out on the surface, no matter how she will try to conceal it.

She can disregard her inner-voice, but it will always find a way to be listened to. Every downfall will remind her that this is because she didn’t listen to it.

She knows she needs to dive deeper into what’s inside her.




It’s not easy because it’s a matter of letting go of what was once the safest way to flow.

It’s not easy because following herself is a risk.

It’s not easy because she will hurt and disappoint people. She doesnt want to.

But she knows she can never go wrong with following who she is and what it is that turns her mourning into dancing.

She now knows that she will always have the courage to continue following the map that is embedded inside her heart, no matter what.

Until she finally has the courage to choose the right but difficult choice.

Until all of her will follow all of who she is.



Model: Trina Rivilla

Photos: Monika Rivilla

Words: Jillian Bacarisas

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