Our Story

Aguariva is a brand designed for the wild.
We are inspired by spontaneous, ever curious and adventurous women.
They live for the simple lifestyle and seek to chase their dreams
while evolving by learning the different ways you can live ethically and sustainably.
Each piece is designed to pull through a spontaneous cliff jump,
survive a dive, catch the next big wave or simply just to make you feel
confident and secure in your own skin as we try our best to create suits
that can keep up with your active lifestyle.
Island Wear
We live to create effortless silhouettes that allow those who wear them to be free,
active and spontaneous. All our garments and towel ponchos
are made to accompany you to your next travel or adventure.
All Aguariva swimwear and garments are consciously sourced,
designed and proudly produced in the Philippine Islands.
Our goal is to make use and preserve  local talent,
support local communities and make a positive impact in the world
by maintaining and improving eco-friendly, ethical practices.
We are committed to creating thoughtfully produced and
socially responsible garments that you can feel great about
wearing on the inside out.



Every decision we make aims to minimize our environmental impact.
We use certified fabrications and conciously choose
materials with a lower environmental impact.


With love, Monika and Trina