Girls on Film: Vietnam

Girls on Film: Vietnam

Different places emit different energies
Thus, making you feel a certain way
Vietnam was nothing we have ever experienced before
Narrow streets and low seating
the smell of fresh coffee and spices in every corner
Fruits sold in baskets
the sound of motorcycles and a series of conversations in an unfamiliar dialect
The energy held in these dainty yet busy streets was different 
from what we are used to
But something about it made us fall in love
almost instantly
This city, as busy as it was
was filled with hidden patches 
of ocean and earth
(now would you imagine that?)
There, we found our place
We are good 
Intoxicated with love and excitement
We soldier on
to spread a little bit of wild and enjoy the earth’s splendid show
wherever we go
despite the curveballs of complexities and challenges life may bring
We live for days like these, when the sun is shining away
and our minds, clear as day
Hoping to share this slice of paradise 
Giving a chance for creation and inspiration to rise
For a long time, we were never really sure of what we wanted
(Dreams coming and going like waves)
But it was bliss when we found each other
Knowing we have the power to manifest all we desire 
Life is unpredictable, plans change like seasons
Even sad things happen for the best of reasons
But regret is not a sound we wish to know
For now, we will just go with the flow ✨🌼🍃🍄
Thank you wildlings for your love and magic
Cheers the first of many travels, we can’t wait to show you what we are up to next
(Clue: it’s nothing short of aquatic)
the girls of Aguariva
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