I am the Ocean

I am the Ocean

I am the Ocean
Hue of the never ending sky reflected into the world’s waters
and at the same time, the color of sorrow.

My shallow waters unravel picture perfect delight.
My saltiness bring healing; and my waves, liberation.
Feels like a dream, the swell,
warm and fuzzy embrace of salt and sunshine.
You get to know yourself a little bit more,
every time you emerge out of my shallow waters.
But you will never truly know me.

Aware of the dangers that lurk within me;
unknown monsters, creatures, currents, rocks and riptides,
still you continue to frolic in the safety of my surfaces,
Yet shy away from opportunities
to explore my true nature that lurk beyond your comfort.

“Ignorance is bliss”, they say and in your case,
there are no truer words.
Your conditional love causes me great pain,
You bask in my love and generosity and then feed me your debris...
plastic spreading like poison,
oil spill filling my lungs,
entangling and suffocating those who live within me...
unbridled without conscience.

Leaving me vulnerable, weak, bleeding out in the open....abused, battered
Many claim to love my being.
They swear on their lives to protect me at all costs.
But little do they know, they have passed their cancer to my entire universe
and I shall never be the same pristine water you expect each time you return.

I am the Ocean.
A vacation home for tourists floating in the shallow waters of ignorance.
Refusing to think what if. Refusing to accept what is.
Refusing to protect the known world that exists beneath.

I am the ocean.
You come and take what you can
and leave things that damage my existence,
killing me slowly.
You are not explorers.
You are simply opportunists.



Photographs by Monika Rivilla
Models: Veronica Rabat and Deanne Guinto
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