May We Finally See What Really Matters

May We Finally See What Really Matters

May we finally see that what really matters are all the things that we put on our back burner,
remember when we use to say, “I wish I had more time”
to write that poem,
to sing that song,
to paint that picture in our minds,
to make a garden,
to go on an adventure,
to catch-up with family and friends.
We forgot about these things because we were too fixated on following what is ideal, living a life “style” rather than simply living life, running after money that we don’t have the time to enjoy.

May we take the time to see ourselves now that we finally had the time to do what really it is that we want to do.

May we notice the stillness, the value of time, our purpose, and the immense joy and satisfaction when we return to what it is that we love.

For so long we have been executing in our lives this money-based-idea of productivity that we glorify busyness and not having the time to rest and smell the flowers, that now that we are stuck in our homes without a choice, we are anxious and guilty because we feel that doing art, and just lying in bed resting and being with ourselves doesn’t count as being productive.

May we remember that the most productive thing we can do is to be happy.

May we realize that the economy we strongly trust, and these big-time dreams we anchor on money and material things are as fragile as the existence of ourselves and the people that we love.

If both can be gone in a blink of an eye, what do you think should we choose?

May we finally discern that in this world full of a false sense of security, what is indispensable is love, family, art, food, medicine, nature, connection, and this Earth where our shelter is.

May we understand that this is all we need to survive and live a happy and healthy life, and may we understand what it is that we really need.

Why it is that now that we are only buying the essentials, the global economy is collapsing? May we finally see that what we are constantly stressing about the things that are unnecessary and irrelevant to what is essential.

May these times lead us back in the direction of living a life that doesn’t compromise who we really want to be.

May we finally be able to stop running in a race that no one can win.

May we look at our lives in a different light, that what really matters is
how tight our hugs are,
how thoughtful we are in giving,
the moments that are unforgettable,
moments that make us laugh until we cry,

and not how up-to-date we are in following the endless trends and fads that we are constantly following,
and how much money we earn.

May these times finally let us see that what matters is what remains of us when the material world that we blindly follow falls apart.
Model: Monika Rivilla
Photos: Sofia Rivilla
Words: Jillian Bacarisas
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