She Who Moves: Bea Gonz

She Who Moves: Bea Gonz

Blooming here today on #SheWhoMoves is no doubt one of our favorite bubbly personalities: Bea Gonz 


We love her energy in and out of the water - this girl can easily put a smile on anyones face with her infectious good vibes. A true embodiment of enthusiasm and energy, she draws people like bees to nectar. 


She left the corporate world to spend her days in the sun surfing, teaching yoga and running her restaurant, Dao Chow in Siargao Island. 




1. How do you take care of your body?


Movement is so important to me! Surfing, pilates and yoga have been my favorite activities lately. Not only do I feel good after but they’re all so fun & challenging that I just want to keep doing it. Also, sleep! Pretty underrated topic when we talk about sleep in regards to health but it is SO important to get good, quality sleep.



2. How do you define embodiment?


Embodiment is staying true to who you are - following your gut, doing the inner work, being kind and genuine to others but also not being afraid to face any challenge that life may bring!



3. Tell us about your yoga journey.


Out of curiosity, I started yoga in college and ended up loving it. But like most journeys, it wasn’t always consistent - there were periods I would practice daily but other times, not so much (and you know, I eventually realized that’s ok!) Later on, I joined a teacher training because I simply wanted to learn more about yoga. I honestly didn’t plan on actually teaching but as opportunities came along, it gave me this sense of fulfillment I had never felt before.




4. Whats your favorite part about being a dog mom?

The unconditional love, the companionship and the cuddles!!



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