She Who Moves: Cat Gito

She Who Moves: Cat Gito

Gracing the #SheWhoMoves today is our surfer girl Cat.
A true embodiment of the sand and sea style, she spends most of her days chasing waves and living the island life with her partner. She captivates everyone around her with her radiant smile, calm aura, and a deep love for the ocean. 💙
She walks the Aguariva Spirit through moving around with ease in learning and living the simple life in paradise. 
  1. How do you take care of your body?

I love surfing! Its one of my favorite things to do. I make sure to drink lots of water and stretch before and after surf. I try to eat healthy. I avoid meat as much as a I can. I only eat meat as a treat. Since I spend a lot of time under the sun, I make sure to apply lots of mineral sunscreen.

  1. How do you define embodiment?

My life here in Siargao and my love for surfing. I discovered and learned that abundance also means living life in simple ways.  Its humbling and magical.




  1. What is your morning routine before morning surf?


I drink a glass of water and then make coffee. Put on my favorite suit, stretch for a minute and then wax my board. I say my thanks to mama nature for another beautiful day then i paddle in


  1. What are your favorite siargao surf spots? 


Definitely cemetery, its a friendly wave. On a glassy day and with the right swell direction, you get perfect loooong waves that goes on and on. I also like innertube in Burgos. On a small day, its a perfect log day for me.
















Muse: Cat Gito

Photos: Bren Lopez

Wearing: Alba top, Cove Bottom

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