She Who Moves: Joyce

She Who Moves: Joyce

Joyce is no doubt a badass #SheWhoMoves dynamic force making waves in the ocean and land. Beyond her connection to the ocean as a surfer, she's also a teacher of aerial hammock yoga, the boss babe of lemon cleaners in Manila and Siargao, and she runs a gym with her partner at Catangnan Beach Dojo. 🥀


A true embodiment of a woman who moves with courage and grace to go after all of the heart's desires. She inspires us to set our hearts on fire and make it happen. A true force of the Aguariva Spirit, she radiates the essence of a woman's strength and graceful grit. 💥✨


  1. How do you take care of your body?

 Living an active and fulfilling life in the island has taught me the importance of listening to my body and taking care of it. Though I am not the type to watch over my diet, adequate sleep and proper hydration are very crucial for me, especially during intense training sessions, as it supports my endurance and recovery. Incorporating aerial stretches into my routine has become truly beneficial as it helps maintain balance between my surfing and dragonboat activities. It enhances my flexibility and mobility, allowing me to perform better in both sports and reducing the risk of injuries.

  1. How do you define embodiment?


Just like the pursuits of surfing and aerial arts, I view embodiment as a lifelong journey of self-understanding and connection to the world around me. It goes beyond mere physicality, encompassing a sense of belonging and deepening my relationship with my inner self and everything that surrounds me. In the water, riding the waves, I feel at one with the ocean, understanding its rhythms and power. Similarly, when I engage in aerial arts, soaring through the air, I experience a profound connection with the space around me, enhancing my awareness and fostering a sense of unity. Through these practices, embodiment becomes a continuous exploration, where I find harmony and meaning in the union of body, mind, and soul. 

  1. What is your go to flow playlist?


I mostly like deep house or soulful vocals, slow and concentrated dissonate melodies, or any tune with very smooth groove that fits right into flow.


  1. Why Aerial Yoga?


I fell in love with aerial arts even before I discovered surfing. Now, as I delve deeper into both, I'm finding a beautiful connection between the two. Aerial arts, with its perfect blend of mobility, fitness, and dance, has become the ideal complement to my surfing journey. Engaging in aerial arts not only challenges me physically, but also allows me to explore deep stretches that greatly benefit my surfing. It enhances my flexibility, core strength, and body control, ultimately helping me improve my technique and endurance in the water. The combination of aerial arts and surfing has transformed my overall approach to movement, giving me a balanced and harmonious practice that I couldn't imagine my life without.



Muse: Joyce Catacutan 

Photos: Bren Lopez

Wearing: Antu Cami top, Delta Shorts


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