She who moves: Shakti Megs

She who moves: Shakti Megs

Welcome to the #SheWhoMoves series, a celebration of the remarkable women who embody the Aguariva spirit.

First to bloom is Megs, a dancing flower who shines her way to embodiment through her movement, soul, and self-love. ✨

She moves to keep her heart alive. With that essence, she crafts a beautiful story with her body - which she said is a vessel deserving care, respect, and intention. For Megs, self-love blooms in each moment, a timeless romance with her beautiful body.


  1. How do you take care of your body?

I take care of my body by deeply listening to her - understanding that this is the vessel my soul chose to embody and it should be treated with the utmost care, respect and love. I practice intention with all that I choose to nourish my body with, may it be the food I intake with so much gratitude all the way to how I move, making my practice my prayer. We should always be our own lover first, romantizing each moment we have with this beautiful body and connecting deeply to all the layers and dimensions of our selves. Practicing true self love in each and every moment.

  1. How do you define embodiment?

To me, embodiment is being fully immersed in my body and tuning into the deep wisdom held within. It's a practice that can be ignited in any moment, increasing our awareness of this very moment and feeling into the flow of sensations, feelings, thoughts and energies present. As human beings we are born into bodies that travel fluidly through an infinite range of movement and feeling. Over time, through physical and emotional injury, trauma, cultural messages, age and habits, our movement expression gets narrower and narrower. We forget the physical freedom we once enjoyed. Embodiment is a remembrance of our infinite energy and capability. Allowing ourselves to reconnect with universal spirit and express ourself in a soulful and meaningful way.



  1. What is your favorite cacao recipe? 

Mama Cacao! This plant medicine has brought me home time and time again to my heart space and power. For sure my favorite recipe has to be 30-40g ceremonial grade cacao sourced in Philippines, with some freshly squeezed coconut milk, a sprinkle of turmeric, cinnamon and cayenne pepper with a dash of local honey. The spices make for a super activating elixir that always leaves me feeling connected to my shakti essence.


  1. How do you nurture your body through food and practice?

I have a deep connection with my mind, body and spirit that allows me to eat and nourish my body intuitively. I personally feel the best with a whole foods, plant based diet, getting in all the colors of the rainbow everyday and being aware of the macronutrients on my plate. If we consider earth, animals and ourselves to the highest degree, what does our plate look like? I've always known mine and its a colorful prayer for a kinder world. Infused with gratitude and intention, I eat and move my body with the aim to simply feel good! As a practicing yogi I feel best when I create time in my morning for my practice, even if its just for 20 minutes. A bit of breathwork, meditation, movement practice and always a little dance is my go to medicine to nourish my body.




Muse: Megan 

Photos: Bren Lopez

Wearing: Dharma Rashie, Cove Bottoms, Delta Shorts

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