One With The Flow

We are not separate from nature.

We seem to be carrying too much worry, grief, and shame, and we always think we are running out of time. We hold on to our thoughts of “we could have been”, and we stretch ourselves so much for things we want the most only to be given a different result in the end - or a painful redirection.

How many disappointments, regret, anxiety, nervous breakdowns, and mental fatigue do we have to experience before we understand that this is just our existence telling us that this is not what we are supposed to be doing.


Nature deficit is the worst deficiency we could ever allow ourselves to be experiencing. When fear is driving our lives instead of creativity, maybe we lack nature. When we choose to be in bed the whole day rather than cooking a meal or taking a bath, maybe we lack the abundance of inspiration from nature.

When you think you’re not allowed to exist or the world hates you, maybe you need to be barefoot in the forest.

You are not separate from the intelligence that tells the tides to go and up and the flowers to bloom.

Slow down and connect to the only flow worth flowing for - the flow that made the Earth perfectly spin for every single living thing to process their existence.

There is an abundance of wisdom, love, relaxation, and answers in nature.

All it asks for you to do is to be one with it. 





This collection is our ode to the only flow worth flowing for.

The giver of a deep understanding of surrender and trust.

The only dependable provider of inspiration and growth.

If the ocean is the heart of what we do, the Earth is our soul.

As long as there’s nature, our creation will live, our play will nourish, and our adventure will remain wild.

To every woman we reach that understands that we are not separate from the intelligence that tells the flowers to bloom.

To every Earth being that relies on the wisdom and strength of the flow.

To the girl who knows that she can play and dance this life out.

Our flow is Earth-crafted, we know the magic of what we can do when we trust it.

We are all tied under the same flow.


Photos: Tarish Zamora 

Models: Camille Pilar and MJ de Castro 

Words: Jillian Bacarisas


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