Remember those times when you would get anxious about people’s opinions of you?
Your childhood crush, some girls in school, certain family members, friends and acquaintances alike.
I kept believing myself when I said that my actions should conform to the standards of the people around me.

And then came that faithful day when I realized that acting through the standards and expectations of others has left me more drained than satisfied. It’s hard to put up a front all the time, like a mask or a uniform painted with what people expect you to be, the one that you can’t wait to take off as soon as you find yourself alone with you. Where you could breathe, laugh and just be.

Then, it dawned on me. If I was so happy just being, why do I make huge efforts to mask my truths and dull my sparkle?
It occurred to me that while others' perception of you may be significant at one point, it does not define you as a person and while opinions and criticism can be constructive, you do not have to be anything other than yourself if you are happy.
Be free,
let loose.
Know your truths and respect the truths of others.
Learn from your mistakes.
Do the things that will bring out the confidence in you.
Do the things that will invigorate your soul.
Ignite that passion you have deep inside you.  
Just be.

Life will always have challenges. You will find some people will always disagree with how you shine your light. It's inevitable. The most complicated yet most beautiful part of being human.
But as the great Dalai Lama once said: it is more useful to be aware of a single shortcoming in ourselves than to be aware of a thousand in somebody else.

Before all others, give yourself love and compassion.
Remain unfazed.
Everything else will follow.

Model: Trish Molina

Photos: James Lontoc

Layout: Aijalonica Lei

Hair and Make up: Poi Jakosalem 





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