Earth Flow

A collection that taught us a deeper understanding of surrender and flow.

A different dance of letting go and receiving. We unwrapped this collection with closed eyes and a heart that bravely trusted. 🌷

An ode to the natural flow of surrendering to the source. A collection that allows us to strengthen our Earth-bond.

May every woman wearing it stay longer under the sun, stay open to the call of adventures and bask themselves under the unlimited provision of the Earth. 🌿

This is Earth Flow - an innerstanding that this is the only flow worth flowing for. ⊹ ⏀ ⊹ 



The whole Earth Flow collection is made from ECONYL® fabric - which is 78% regenerated nylon from fishnets and other nylon wastes, the fabric can be recycled, recreated, and remolded again and again.

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